Our aim is to identify weaknesses in your security system – before hackers do. Taking advantage of a security issues is a known way for hackers to attempt to access your systems. We will find these weaknesses to ensure hackers don't have access to your data

Understanding Penetration Testing

Our pen testing services provide an in-depth review of the weaknesses in your system networks. We do this by attempting to exploit your businesses security system to find weak points. Once an assessment is complete, we will provide a detailed report outlining how to improve your business’s security defenses.

By completing penetrating testing, you are proactively improving your information security. This whole process is known as ethical hacking as the outcome is to improve business security rather than steal sensitive data. This type of testing needs to be performed on both the applications and the supporting network infrastructure to be effective.

Testing can be performed in two ways:

  • From the perspective of an external attacker with no knowledge of your business.
  • As an attacker with credentials or access to the internal network.

Penetrating tests lay the groundwork for improving its security systems to prevent any threats to data.

Testing Methodology

Our proven 6 step approach to pen testing is based on industry best practice. This ensures our clients receive consistent and quality results to ensure their systems are protected against threats. To achieve this, our team of experts uses commercial, open-source, and custom-developed penetration testing tools. In addition, our testing is performed using a variety of automated tools tailored to suit your business requirements.

Some of these tools are similar to those used by internet attackers to gain access to your sensitive data.

We have outlined our 6 step approach below:

  •  Information Gathering – collecting data to prepare a security attack
  • Threat Modelling – designing ways to test the weaknesses
  • Vulnerability Analysis – defining the possible points of entry
  • Exploitation – attempting to gain sensitive data
  • Post Exploitation – evaluating the level of risk to your business known weaknesses
  • Reporting – providing a detailed report of strategies to improve your security