Achieve Operational Agility With Trust

As businesses adapt to an ever-changing new normal, extended collaboration and optimization beyond your organization is essential for next-level growth. Transformation isn’t always easy, and technology shouldn’t stand in the way. Drive operational agility and open new revenue streams through trusted data exchange and workflow automation beyond your organization boundaries. 


  • Operational agility and speed to value: Optimize multiparty workflows around trusted data and accelerate performance across your value chain.
  • Cost takeout and risk mitigation: Streamline shared processes, increase accountability, minimize disputes and automate reconciliation tasks.
  • New monetization opportunities: Increase brand trust and sales with product authenticity and open new marketplaces with asset tokenization.

Blockchain solutions

  • Supply chain: Bolster your supply chain with multi-tier visibility and workflow automation. This matters more today, as consumers demand product authenticity and sustainability, and businesses demand data integrity and faster reconciliation between their partners.
  • Digital identity and credentials: Provide verifiable identity and credentials such as personal health and education records in a privacy-preserving way, allowing an individual to manage their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their personal device and maintain control of what they share, with whom and for what purpose.
  • Digital assets: Creation of a unique digital representation of an asset as a token goes beyond traditional financial instruments and enables you to trade all kinds of assets with more liquidity and speed at lower cost. Manage the full lifecycle of your digital assets in any form on a secure, scalable platform with risk and compliance programs specifically designed for digital assets.

Blockchain Transparent Supply is a blockchain platform that allows companies to build their own data-sharing ecosystem with their supply chain partners. This technology platform enables goods-specific transparency across multiple supply chain partners, enabling analytics by company, location, product movement & condition.

Visionary companies are putting blockchain to work on the most challenging problems facing their business, industry and even the world. Learn how to build a better supply chain with Blockchain Transparent Supply.

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