Do more with your network

Expectations for your enterprise network have never been higher, as both employees and customers engage with your business in new ways. To keep up with demand, your network infrastructure has to be up to the task. That’s where SMTP Africa Servers solutions can help your network do more—and do it better.

Our wireless network infrastructure solutions are built to make your network simpler to deploy and manage, improve its reliability, and give it the adaptability to evolve as user demand requires.

Our comprehensive solutions portfolios cover every connection and cable, from copper and fiber structured cabling to IoT access networks; from unified Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6E and switching to intelligent automated infrastructure management; and from 5G-ready distributed antenna systems to small cells. With SMTP Africa Servers, a simpler, more reliable and more adaptable network can power the future of your infrastructure—and your business.

Segments we serve

Converged wired and wireless networks

As IT—and now OT (operational technology)—networks multiply, expand and become more complex, you must be able to simplify and automate them to manage the entire ecosystem effectively.

Private LTE networks

Some use cases are so critical or challenging that you need something more than your everyday network to serve them.

In-building cellular

New construction techniques prevent outdoor cell signals from penetrating the building and providing the strong cellular coverage that employees, guests and customers expect. Throw 5G into the mix and delivering dependable cellular service indoors is even more difficult.

Smart building

Your challenge: reduce OpEx, enhance safety, and increase user satisfaction—by making your building smarter.

Smart campus

Your network doesn’t stop at the front door. Connect your smart buildings into a smart campus, with ubiquitous wired and wireless connectivity and the infrastructure needed to support the multiplicity of devices and sensors.

IoT - Internet of Things

By 2025, an estimated 22 billion IoT devices will connect to the internet. The diversity of connections is nearly as daunting as the sheer number of devices. What is your strategy for deploying and managing your IoT networks effectively?

Enterprise datacentres

Increasing speed and latency requirements are redefining network architectures within the enterprise data center. As traditional three-tier topologies are replaced by spine-and-leaf systems, fiber and port densities must increase accordingly. Success comes down to the physical layer cabling and connectivity.